News Articles from School

Photos and Articles presented by Lynne Walston Greenwood, who was an Ogden Standard Examiner Reporter for our School Activities.  Thank You Lynne for saving these terrific memories for all of us to see!!

Select an image to view.  Some of these Newspaper Clippings can be difficult to read.  If that is the case, when an item is opened on your Computer, right click using the mouse and select "View Image" from the list of options.  That will bring up the image again, from here:  1. hold down the "Ctrl Button" on the keyboard while the + (plus) sign on the keyboard is hit.  The - (minus) button to the right of the + button while holding down the "Ctrl Button" will decrease the size.  OR 2.  Using the mouse, push down on the wheel, if there is one, that will enlarge the image.  Use the back arrow on your browser to return to the regular sized image, from here click on the right or left arrow sign to go to the next item or click on the "X" in the upper right hand corner so that you are now back to the gallery, ready to select another image.