Mountainside BL Renovation

Renovated Mountainside BL
**** Update To Post ****

Thanks to Doug Wimmer for all his work and
Efforts in this terrifc project!!

Information provided by Judy Macfarlane May
is as follows:

"Here are some new pictures of the progress on the
BL Emblem Renovation.  We had 44 missionaries
that spent a couple
of hours on Oct 29th helping to get the pavers
and paint up the mountain.  It is really fun to see
what they were doing and the progress. 
I also have the Venmo Account for the renovation
and an account at America First CU if anyone
would like to donate there."
Douglas Wimmer@BLemblemrenovation72

439115 Account #  BL Emblem Renovation
is the account name

If you would still like to have Judy help,
please send your contribution (Check), made out to
BL Emblem Renovation
 and mail to Judy Macfarlane May,
935 Iowa Ave, Ogden, UT 84404.
You can also contact Judy at
Ph. 801-725-1190
. She will make sure that
the check gets to the appropriate people.